Math Magic / Number fun / Maths Tricks

Math Magic / Number fun / Maths Tricks

Trick 1: 2’s trick
Step1: Think of a number .
Step2: Multiply it by 3.
Step3: Add 6 with the getting result.
Step4: divide it by 3.
Step5: Subtract it from the first number used.


Trick 2: Any Number
Step1: Think of any number.
Step2: Double the number.
Step3: Add 9 with result.
Step4: sub 3 with the result.
Step5: Divide the result by 2.
Step6: Subtract the number with the number with first number started with.

Answer: 3

Trick 3: Any three digit Number
Step1:Add 7 to it.
Step2:Multiply the number with 2.
Step3:subtract 4 with the result.
Step4: Divide the result by 2.
Step5:Subtract it from the number started with.

Answer: 5

Math Magic Tricks – Birthday Date Calcualtions

Trick 1: Birthday magic

Step1: Add 18 to your birth month.
Step2: Multiply by 25.
Step3: Subtract 333.
Step4: Multiply by 8.
step5: Subtract 554.
step6: Divide by 2.
step7: Add your birth date.
step8: Multiply by 5.
step9: Add 692.
step10: Multiply by 20.
step11: Add only the last two digits of your birth year.
step12: Subtract 32940 to get your birthday!.

Example: If the answer is 123199 means that you were born on December 31, 1999. If the answer is not right, you followed the directions incorrectly or lied about your birthday.

Thanks n Regards

Jeevanandam K

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